Keeping Emergency Services in Downieville

Maintaining the safety of the local community and the riders who enjoy this spectacular place.

As most of our “frequent fliers” know, Downieville is rough n’ rugged to say the least. Sharp rocks, slippery roots, unpredictable creek crossings and high-speed descents demand everyone’s full attention. Whether it’s your first time navigating the infamous Waterfall or you’re a seasoned veteran, crashing is part of mountain biking, and it can happen to even the most skilled rider.

If you or a friend have been injured in Downieville in the past few years, you already know that emergency services have been severely lacking. There’s no way to explain this besides stating the obvious: despite all the folks you see riding on the weekends, Downieville is still struggling economically. Even locals don’t have accessible emergency care.

Fret not good people. With the support of the community and our loyal customers, Yuba Expeditions and the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship are committed to helping fund a full-time paramedic in Downieville. But in order to do this, we have to raise our shuttle rate from $20 per person to $25. Think of it as a small price to pay for knowing that if you get hurt in the backcountry, help will be close at hand. Not only will the extra $5 per shuttle go to help fund a paramedic, it also helps support our world-class Trail Crew who work all summer to keep the trails prime for everyone visiting the Lost Sierra.

And as a non-profit bike shop, Yuba Expeditions appreciates every dollar our customers spend, as all proceeds go back to SBTS for trail building and employing 40 hard-working Americans in an economically struggling part of California.

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