Downieville Shuttles Discount

Shuttle Discount for Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship Core Members

Current Core Members receive a 10% discount on shuttles as a benefit of membership.

SBTS Members Discounted Shuttle Reservation

If you are not a member, Join the family – Become a SBTS Core Member for just $10 a month!

Benefits include:

  • Free access to SBTS Epic events
  • Unique Core Member Patagonia shirts
  • $15 discounts on Care Flight memberships (individual core)
  • Discounts at Yuba Expeditions 
  • No hassle of annual renewal
  • Ongoing annual perks as our way of saying thanks for stepping up that extra level.


The Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship (SBTS) exists for a single purpose: to build and maintain world-class multi-use trails.

This mission is carried out through a local full-time trail crew, funded with federal, state and local grants that require matched funding from SBTS. But without our dedicated family of volunteers who log more than 5,000 hours of trail work per year, the SBTS wouldn't be able to create all the trail magic you ride today.

New trails like Mount Hough deliver a dozen miles and 3,800 vertical feet of world-class single track. Trails like Mount Hough simply aren't being built in America anymore, but the SBTS is making it happen in the Lost Sierra through fostering relationships and assembling a family of likeminded folk.

So if you believe in what the SBTS is doing, ask about volunteering at our Trail Daze and become a supporting member of the SBTS. Because without our volunteers and core members, there would be no grants, there would be no SBTS and there would be no trail magic in the Lost Sierra.

Four Ways to Help Now 

  1. Buy Some Gear – Yuba and SBTS apparel helps fund trails while expanding our brand exposure
  2. Support Our Sponsors – Santa Cruz, Juliana, Ibis, WTB, Giro and Bell
  3. Join the Family – Become a SBTS Core Member
  4. Get Involved – Volunteer and follow us on social media