Official opening party is May 26-28, Memorial Day Weekend, but if the snow melts fast, like we think it will, we'll start running shuttles before then. Keep an eye on our conditions reports, the beginning of the season is hero dirt!

The first Condition Report for 2018 is up!

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    Yuba Expeditions
    Shuttles to the Downieville Downhill,
    Downieville bike shop and
    purveyors of fine sierra singletrack!
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    Rad Bikes
    Santa Cruz and Ibis
    demo bikes, rental bikes and gear.
    YubaTek custom shock tuning.
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    MoCA Worldwide
    Good Times
    We’ll help you get to that
    epic adventure you are looking for.
    The Sierra is calling you!

Shuttles to the Downieville Downhill and more!
Yuba Expeditions is your one-stop destination for all things mountain biking.

Shuttles, demo bikes, service, and trail advice can all be found here. Yuba is the pioneer of backcountry mountain biking in Downieville, and the first to offer trailhead transport in this part of the Sierra. We are avid mountain bikers, passionate about riding, exploring and protecting this beautiful area.

A partner of the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship, we are committed to building and maintaining trails to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Purveyors of Fine Sierra Singletrack!

Yuba Expedition Bikes

Santa CruzIbis

Yuba Expeditions is operatied by Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship, and all proceeds go towards maintaining and building trails.
Here is what we did in 2017:

0 Number of volunteer hours
0 Miles of trails maintained
0 Miles of trails built
0 Fallen trees cleared