Yuba Expeditions Bike Shop

Yuba Expeditions Bike Shop

We are factory and field trained mechanics that can gracefully handle any repair quickly and efficiently, allowing you to keep riding and enjoying your time in Downieville.

Tubes, tires, derailleurs, we are Downieville's MASH unit. Bring your wounded bike in and we can help you get back up on the mountain for another shuttle.


YubaTek Fox Tuning

Fox Racing Shox Tuning

We are also factory certified by Fox Racing Shox, and can take care of seal replacements, oil changes and tuning adjustments on all Fox fork and shock models. We offer next day service on all fork and shock repairs, and can ship via UPS. Give us a call for more information or to place an order.


Meet our staff

These guys are the life-blood of our shop and the ones who will get you to the top of the mountains and help you get back on the trails. You want to be friends with these guys.

Yuba Expeditions Staff

Mason Werner - Yuba Shop Manager

As a youngster growing up in Wisconsin I developed a passion for biking up and down the bluffs of the Mississippi River valley. However, while going to the University of Stevens Point, my passion faded due to the lack of anything that resembled a hill. As soon as I graduated in 2002, I took a job with the Forest Service and moved to the small mountain town of Quincy, CA. A good friend told me about Downieville and how incredible he heard the trails were supposed to be, so we dusted off our bikes and went to see for ourselves. With each passing mile from rocky alpine to oaky foothills, along pristine creeks and old growth trees, I instantly fell back in love with mountain biking.

Mountain biking is now fully engrained in me. I have been volunteering with the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship for several years helping with events and creating new trails. This year I have been given the opportunity to become part of the iconic Yuba Expedition bike shop. We have a great team here and I’m super stoked to be a part of it.


JoJo Dononvan - Assistant Head Lady

Born and raised in Downieville, daughter of legendary shuttle driver Billy Epps and wife of Turbo, JoJo played high school volleyball and basketball and spent her other time running and hiking through the woods. She was into motos, horses, and four wheeling before she began working at Yuba in 2015. Working there broadened her knowledge of bikes, parts and where to roam in the Lost Sierras. Now she's our Assistant Manager, rides bikes often and is taking on new hobbies like snowboarding.


Jon Palmer - Yuba Service Manager

The world famous Jon Palmer is here to make all your mountain dreams come true. From fixing bikes to helping fix trails on Sierra Buttes trail work days, this guy just gets it dialed. He'll help you out and show you where the goods are.

Camping spots, to epic summits, and even the best mountain bike trails this side of the Mississippi, Jon Palmer can help you out.


Jake aka Biscuit aka Johnny Straight-Air - Traveling Ambassador/ Lifestyle Athlete

After two incredible seasons wrenching and driving shuttles at Yuba Expeditions, I was given the opportunity to drive the Santa Cruz demo van around the Western States. Clearly unable to tear myself away from the Stewardship, I was able to create a volunteer lifestyle position within the organization. Using my platform as a Santa Cruz employee I am able to raise awareness about the Stewardship and Yuba Expeditions and their superiority when it comes to all things fun related.

Life on the road has been an incredible journey that always brings me to the same conclusion. The Lost Sierra is where I'll always end up. I love being able to travel to new places, ride new trails, meet new people. Just to reconfirmed that Sierra and Plumas counties are better places to be. It's a tough job being a traveling-volunteer-lifestyle-athlete but I'm proud to do it.

I can't wait to get back home to hang with my buddies Myles, Mason, Jon and Evan. 


Evan Ames - Mechanic

Born and raised NorCal kid. Been riding downieville for 14 years now. Ex-Yuba employee from 2008-2009 summers. Jack of all trades master of nothing mechanic and bike rider. Glad to be back in downieville having fun, working on bikes, and riding bikes as much as possible!


Kurt Gensheimer - Mechanic, Driver, and awesome writer for MTBR

In more than two decades of riding all over the country, to me, Downieville is still #1. The town and surrounding region is rich with history, and multi-use trails play a crucial role in this history. The walls of old buildings, the towering Sierra Buttes and the raging rapids of the Yuba River all speak to me, telling stories of a place and time long forgotten in this modern world. For a guy like me who believes he was born a century too late, coming to Downieville is like stepping through a portal in time. A time where life was tougher yet simpler, and where an indomitable pioneer spirit was essential for survival.


Greg Williams - Big Boss at Yuba Expeditions